Twitter Journal Club – Session One

Welcome to the first instalment of the EBN Twitter Journal Club!  The article for discussion focuses on an epidemic in the developing world; childhood obesity.  I’ve listed a few general questions to get the discussion started.  If you want to contribute to , or follow the discussion, please go to #ebnjc

Discussion will commence on Thursday, January 17 and end on Monday, January 21. Contributions to the discussion will take place asynchronously.

Here is the research article for discussion along with a link to free online access:

Drake, K., Beach, M., Longacre, M., MacKenzie, T., Titus, L., Rundle, A., and Dalton, M. (2012).  Influence of Sports, Physical Education, and Active Commuting to School of Adolescent Weight Status.  Pediatrics.  DOI:  10.1542/peds.2011-2898

Discussion Questions:

  1. Was the methodology of this study appropriate to answer the research question?
  2. Was there anything in the analysis that surprised you?
  3. Would you use this study to support your practice?  Why, or why not?
  4. How might nursing research inform the issue of childhood obesity?

I think it will be a fun session!  See you there.

Roberta Heale

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