The NHS Health Check in England, bereavement by suicide, and public involvement in medical research: Most read articles in January

NHS Health Checks, the risks of bereavement by suicide, and public involvement in medical research


The Top 10 Most Read list for January is almost completely comprised of new entries, with the exception of the ever popular review by Kristensen et al on the effects of statins. In the top spot this month is an evaluation of the first four years of the NHS Health Check in England, by Robson et al. At number two we have a cross-sectional study seeking to test the hypothesis that young adults bereaved by suicide have an increased risk of suicidal ideation and suicide attempt compared to their peers bereaved by other sudden deaths. Parsons et al enter the list at number five with a paper asking what pharmaceutical industry professionals believe about public involvement in medicines research and development, and Joost et al enter at number eight with a paper on persistent spatial clusters of high body mass index.

Rank Author(s) Title
1 Robson et al. The NHS Health Check in England: an evaluation of the first 4 years
2 Pitman et al. Bereavement by suicide as a risk factor for suicide attempt: a cross-sectional national UK-wide study of 3432 young bereaved adults
3 Kristensen et al. The effect of statins on average survival in randomised trials, an analysis of end point postponement
4 Carey et al. Systems science and systems thinking for public health: a systematic review of the field
5 Parsons et al. What do pharmaceutical industry professionals in Europe believe about involving patients and the public in research and development of medicines? A qualitative interview study
6 Friis et al. Gaps in understanding health and engagement with healthcare providers across common long-term conditions: a population health survey of health literacy in 29 473 Danish citizens
7 Ovseiko et al. Markers of achievement for assessing and monitoring gender equity in translational research organisations: a rationale and study protocol
8 Joost et al. Persistent spatial clusters of high body mass index in a Swiss urban population as revealed by the 5-year GeoCoLaus longitudinal study
9 Parsons et al. ‘Please don’t call me Mister’: patient preferences of how they are addressed and their knowledge of their treating medical team in an Australian hospital
10 Greenhalgh et al. Virtual online consultations: advantages and limitations (VOCAL) study

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