Salty cheese, unprepared graduates and coercive anal sex: most read articles in August

August’s top ten includes the highly accessed, survey based study by Marston et al. on anal sex amongst young people,  a study on Ecuadorian medical graduates being prepared enough for a year of  compulsory rural service in obstetrics and a popular cross-sectional survey by Hashem et al. of salt content in cheese which concludes that it is a major contributor to salt intake in the UK.


Rank Author(s) Title
1 Marston et al. Anal heterosex among young people and implications for health promotion: a qualitative study in the UK
2 Abu Dabrh et al. Health assessment of commercial drivers: a meta-narrative systematic review
3 Hsia et al. Variation in charges for 10 common blood tests in California hospitals: a cross-sectional analysis
4 Todd et al. The positive pharmacy care law: an area-level analysis of the relationship between community pharmacy distribution, urbanity and social deprivation in England
5 Rao et al. Do healthier foods and diet patterns cost more than less healthy options? A systematic review and meta-analysis
6 Sánchez del Hierro et al. Are recent graduates enough prepared to perform obstetric skills in their rural and compulsory year? A study from Ecuador
7 Hashem et al. Cross-sectional survey of salt content in cheese: a major contributor to salt intake in the UK
8 Zhang et al. Spatial analysis on human brucellosis incidence in mainland China: 2004–2010
9 Jenkins et al. Effect of a 6-month vegan low-carbohydrate (‘Eco-Atkins’) diet on cardiovascular risk factors and body weight in hyperlipidaemic adults: a randomised controlled trial
10 Howick et al. Current and future use of point-of-care tests in primary care: an international survey in Australia, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK and the USA


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