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The Bluetooth e-cigarette

23 Feb, 14 | by Becky Freeman, Web Editor

By Stan Shatenstein

There are so many spoof sites on the Internet, you have to think carefully before sharing news of an airline that provides in-flight shisha lounges. But a Bluetooth e-cigarette that lets you receive calls and listen to music? Oh, that one’s for real.

On the Dutch-based Supersmoker’s UK site, the Bluetooth e-cigarette is depicted in all its orchestral complexity, with its speaker, microphone, volume control and Bluetooth buttons – and a few musical notes for illustrative purposes.

For just 79 Euros (US$108), you will be able to stream music from Spotify or YouTube through the built-in speaker. The e-cigarette will buzz and vibrate on incoming calls, and it’s recommended you keep the microphone close when speaking, so you can look as suave as a latter-day Maxwell Smart speaking into his shoe phone.

No word if the song ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’ will play if you’re stuck on hold.

Bluetooth E-cigarette

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