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Poets’ Corner

Cloak and Needles

6 Oct, 11 | by Assistant Editor

I can see:  a frozen nose and few veins in the same place.

The bird without a beak outside of the window flutters and goes away.

I wish that outside of the window things will happen without a bird, not now…

His existential pain is growing like tree amidst baroque music.

This is new for him.

This is the room where the lions will come to eat his liver full of inflammable cells.

Now he knows how stiff the bone is upon the flesh.

Here things get in and out, in and out with no names or desire.

We can’t have eyes for this silence around his head made of memories.

We can’t even go after the marriage of the sunset.

Perhaps if I touch his flesh right now, everything will be like inside of a lamp: infinite, no more pain…

No one has ever opened the door at night to see the stones awaken by his disease.

You may think too much, you still wonder how to cure, how to comfort, but he knows: he already knows more…

He couldn’t find the fallen principles made of other lives to surprise the obstacles, the tact, the hand, the living.

He is the appetite of a simple chest fabricating particles and blood.

His lymphoma of darkness it’s now like a forest each time he breathes.

If I go inside I will never be back again…

by Rafael Bloise


11 Jul, 11 | by BMJ

Give me the pills she said – promise
when I want to you’ll help me take them all.
I don’t want to shit in my chair, feel worthless,
I want to choose with whom, how and when I fall.

Give me the drugs he said, I’ll take any chance
with science – if my skin drops off, my legs fail
and I lose all laughter. I might capture another
shred of life, a day when a cure is discovered.

She was 42, and he 83. And you?
Not ready to dispense magic potions of polar kinds,
not yet believing in lottery tickets, treasure finds
lucky charms and all newspaper headlines?

Danielle Hope

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