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Student Editor BMJ Case Reports

19 Feb, 15 | by Kristy Ebanks

BMJ Case Reports is looking for a medical student to work with us to enhance the journal for student authors and readers. BMJ Case Reports is an award winning online journal that publishes articles in all specialties – there are currently more than 10,000 published articles from 70 countries.

We want the Student Editor to identify the cases that are of most value for medical students and highlight these in our Blog – these will be the cases that have excellent learning points for students at all stages of their training and may be “textbook cases”.

You will also work on our newly created Global Health blog where where we feature case reports that discuss the social determinants of health and challenges (and potential solutions) to important Global Health problems. We are keen to develop this collection and to attract articles based on student electives.

We estimate that you will need to devote two to three hours per week to the role. You will have access to all the published articles and you may submit your own to be peer reviewed. You will be listed on our Editorial Board with a brief biography and we will support your attendance at events for medical students so you can promote BMJ Case Reports.

You can work remotely and you are welcome to visit us at BMA House and to attend any editorial meetings.

If you are interested in applying for the role please send your CV and ideas on how to improve the value of BMJ Case Reports for medical students to before 31st March 2015. We welcome applications from students in any year.

The case of the Maxilla reconstruction

2 Jun, 14 | by Kristy Ebanks

Reconstruction using a Fibula graft and virtual planning techniques We have some very interesting images for you but, can you answer the questions below? blog4 blog3 blog2 blog

1. How would you manage a maxillofacial defect such as this?
2. Would you consider using a graft?
3. How could you enhance the outcome?

If you don’t know the answers or want to know more read ’Reconstruction of the Maxilla Using a Fibula Graft and Virtual Planning Techniques

Brain dead or not? CT angiogram yielding false-negative result on brain death confirmation

23 Jan, 13 | by Emma

In this article we are reminded how to confirm brain death and the pitfalls of using CT angiograms for the assessment of cerebral perfusion.

Seema Biswas

Brain dead or not? CT angiogram yielding false-negative result on brain death confirmation

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