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Archive for February, 2013

All tied up in knots

28 Feb, 13 | by Emma

Anything that is linear and remotely flexible may get knotted up. This is well demonstrated in the images accompanying the present case. Murphy’s law applies, and the advice given by the authors is very sound.

Kirsten Moller

All tied up in knots

Adenocarcinoma: not all that wheezes is asthma

6 Feb, 13 | by Emma

This is well written case report of a rare presentation of a rare condition. It provides a important reminder to consider a differential diagnosis in patients with asthma.

Large airway tumours are rare (0.2%) amongst patients with lung cancer, and amongst tracheal tumours it is thought that adenocarcinomas represent 4-10%.1-5 The majority of tracheal adenocaricinomas are diagnosed in smokers.3-4 In one case series of tracheal tumours 21% had symptoms of progressive bronchial asthma.5

Dr Ian Clifton
St James’s University


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Adenocarcinoma: not all that wheezes is asthma

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