Creating patient convenient technology

By Dr Adrian Raudaschl and Esther O’Sullivan

Technology has the potential to reduce the burden on health services by empowering patients to support themselves better. Apps which record clinical data and then prompt users to undertake activities like exercise, remind patients to take their medication, or provide patient education, already exist, but the uptake is low. Continue reading Creating patient convenient technology

If you search then you will find (Part 2)

How clever is search today?

There was a time when search just provided search results but today searches provide you with answers and even options to help you make a decision. This however, is not a new concept and even as far back as 1996 AskJeeves saw the potential of a digital assistant.

Here’s a few examples of what Google knows about me, my environment and even what it knows about the future: Continue reading If you search then you will find (Part 2)

If you search then you will find (Part 1)

I was asked the other day why is search so important for the BMJ Best Practice app? I thought that it would be a great time to share some of my thoughts about the importance of search and around the trends that we’re are seeing over a series 3 of articles.

Part 1 will look at the early days of search and how search has developed over the last 20 years, part 2 will look at search today and the final part in the series will examine what these changes means to us as a company. Continue reading If you search then you will find (Part 1)

Guerrilla Prototyping

How BMJ gets prototypes delivered.

In common with many organisations BMJ is keen to test new concepts, but when it comes down delivering the goods we have very little capacity available as we cannot justify using a whole sprint team when there is always masses of revenue generating work to deliver. Additionally prototyping is viewed by some as a large investment for low returns. Continue reading Guerrilla Prototyping