About the BMJ Tech blog

Welcome to the technology blog of the BMJ. You may have noticed over the past 18 months or so that our products have taken on a distinctly new look. That is because we are changing the way we do things, making our sites responsive and incorporating a new brand across our products as we do so.

It hasn’t been easy ride and we have encountered many difficulties – and we continue to meet them – as we attempt to become more transparent in our processes, leaner in our workflow and thus quicker to respond to the needs of our users.

Way back then (18 months ago!) we were operating under a cumbersome waterfall methodology, with little communication across teams, confusion over roles and ownership, poor processes, frustration with legacy technical debt and an environment that didn’t really foster collaborative working or offer the space for innovative thinking.

With the introduction of Agile and the adoption of lean sensibilities, however, we are making good progress towards our end goals, as crystallised in our nine corporate values detailed here.

We have also fundamentally changed the way we engage with our business units, with the framework for delivering work becoming more and more streamlined as our experience builds, and the necessary cultural shifts that are taking place attest to the buy-in from everyone involved.

We are proud of the progress we have made so far. Yes, we had a few stumbles, failed spectacularly on occasion (maybe our blog will expand on this!) and we’re known to have some lively debates on all sorts of issues. But we like that. It’s because we care.

We hope you find the blog engaging. Its aim is twofold… In our quest to become more transparent, we see it as a resource for people who are  interested in how we go about our work: the people we work with and those from outside BMA House too.

Secondly, we have launched this blog to get your feedback and ask for your participation in the continuing development of the BMJ’s digital presence. We want to involve our users in all aspects of our product development. We would also appreciate feedback from industry professionals, so if you have views you’d like to share, please do so.

Please note that this blog is moderated and we ask that you adhere to the ‘blog rules’ as outline here. Thanks.

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