Iain Brassington

Iain is a senior lecturer in at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, in the Law school at Manchester.  His background is philosophical, and he thinks that there’s a lot to be said in favour of big armchairs and red wine as research tools.  He’s taught at Keele, Birmingham, and Warwick (a bit), and has also been a schoolteacher, barman, lorry-driver and private tutor in his time.

His research interests are varied.  He’s written a handful of books and a bigger handful of papers; some of what he’s written is actually reasonably decent.  Things like autonomy and euthanasia keep creeping into his sights; at some point in the future, he wants to do something that’ll provide an excuse to look at Nietzsche from a bioethical perspective, or vice versa, but he has no idea what that something’ll be.  In the meantime, he’s getting increasingly preoccupied by the ethical and legal questions raised by genetics and the regulation of genetic information.

Iain enjoys writing about himself in the third person, which is lucky.  He can be contacted via iain.brassington@manchester.ac.uk.

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