Interactive clinical cases: Understanding variations in clinical practice in developing countries

Welcome to the new Heart Asia blog.

Often, the management of patients in developing countries differs in important ways from that recommended in western guidelines. Strong beliefs and perceptions, about differences in patient characteristics and response to treatment, lead well‐intentioned local practitioners to “stray” from guideline‐recommended practice. A series of interactive clinical cases that we will be publishing periodically on this blog seeks to objectively explore these variations in clinical practice. Differing management approaches will be presented for each clinical scenario by expert clinicians. Readers will be encouraged to indicate their preferences by voting and commenting. A more detailed exposition of these points of view will follow as debate articles in the Journal.

Many thanks to the authors of the first case for presenting their carefully considered approaches. I look forward to receiving your votes and comments and hope that you will find these cases useful. If you have any suggestions for suitable future cases, please contact me.

Ganesan Karthikeyan

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