EBN Twitter Journal Club – How to participate

Evidence-Based Nursing is helping nurses use evidence in practice.  Part of this strategy is the EBN Twitter Journal Club.  The club runs like other journal discussion groups, except that the article and questions are posted on this blog and the discussion about the article happens on Twitter!

The #ebnjc offers a great opportunity for nurses to discuss research articles related to practice.  A new article, with a specific practice focus and accompanying discussion questions, is posted regularly.  Specific dates are posted for discussion to occur on Twitter at #ebnjc.  Discussions are asynchronous and run from Thursday to Monday.  This allows for people across the world, in a variety of time zones, to participate.  Twitter discussions are archived so that you will be able to review them at any time.

Access details of the latest Twitter Journal Club session >>

How To Participate

Twitter is a way of communicating messages.  Each tweet can be no longer than 140 characters.  You send a tweet message to another twitter account by adding their twitter name, which begins with an “@” sign.  So, for example, you can send a tweet to EBN at our twitter site @EBNursingBMJ.

Adding to a group discussion is a bit different.  There is a hashtag symbol #, which comes before the group name.  To add a tweet to the discussion, you simply need to add the hashtag symbol and name at the end of your tweet.  Our group is #ebnjc.  Remember that you need to add #ebnjc at the end of any tweets. Otherwise, no one will see them.

Access details of the latest Twitter Journal Club session >>


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