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DSM-5 online

11 Feb, 10 | by BMJ

Following a year of bitter exchanges about secrecy with accusations flying of vested interests and industry ties the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has posted the new, fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders online. Often called the psychiatrist’s bible but perhaps more aptly thought of as the psychiatrist’s cookery book the next update of the Manual is not due for release until May 2013 but the taskforce is looking for comments from clinicians, researchers and the general public (submissions welcome until April 20, 2010).

At first glance the most notable change is, of course, the decision to use an Arabic rather than Roman numeral in the title. Other changes include the likely introduction of Psychosis Risk Syndrome which will certainly prove controversial given the limited evidence for such a diagnosis having much predictive value. It looks like Compulsive shopping disorder and Internet addiction disorder are not going to make it in, but the currently topical Hypersexual disorder is. More to follow, but comments will be welcome here as well as at the APA site.

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