Top ten most read in September: Old age decline in grip strength, LGBTQ perspectives in child welfare, and opioid use in back pain

The list of the top ten most read articles in September sees many previous entries keeping their places, including a cohort study into the association between developmental factors and old age decline in grip strength. However, September has also welcomed two new entries into the top ten.

New in at number six is a study protocol for a scoping review by Kaasbøll and Paulsen. The scoping review aims to investigate LGBTQ perspectives in a child welfare context and aims to identify gaps in the literature to help future research. To conduct this review, the authors plan to utilise the scoping review framework outlined by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), which is based on previous work by Arksey and O’Malley and Levac and colleagues. This work will contribute to a multistep research project on LGBTQ issues within a child welfare context and help guide the development of future questionnaires, interview guides and research questions. In addition, the authors hope to expand on the current knowledge of LGBTQ perspectives in child welfare and inform policy makers.

Entering the list at number ten is a retrospective observational study by Kazis et al. The purpose of this study was to assess the association between the type of initial healthcare provider and early and long-term opioid use for lower back pain. The sample consisted of patients that visited a healthcare provider in the USA for help with the management of new onset lower back pain. Their results showed that the incidence of short-term opioid use among the sample was 22%. The authors then go onto conclude that initial visitations to a physical therapist or chiropractor were associated with decreased early and long-term opioid use.


 Rank Author(s) Title


Stiglic and Viner.


Effects of screentime on the health and well-being of children and adolescents: a systematic review of reviews




Kapoor et al.


Missing female patients: an observational analysis of sex ratio among outpatients in a referral tertiary care public hospital in India



Watai et al.



Effects of short-term smoking on lung function and airway hyper-responsiveness in young patients with untreated intermittent adult-onset asthma: retrospective cross-sectional study at a primary–tertiary care hospital in Japan



Dennermalm et al.



“You can smell the freedom”: a qualitative study on perceptions and experiences of sex among Swedish men who have sex with men in Berlin



Du Mont et al.






Kaasbøll and Paulsen.


What is known about the LGBTQ perspective in child welfare services? A scoping review protocol




Kuh et al. 


Developmental factors associated with decline in grip strength from midlife to old age: a British birth cohort study




Ellul et al. 





Munkholm et al. 




Kazis et al. 


Observational retrospective study of the association of initial healthcare provider for new-onset low back pain with early and long-term opioid use


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