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James Poskett: Material and visual culture of conferences

9 Dec, 11 | by James Poskett

Conferences can be somewhat dry affairs. Papers delivered as long droning monologues are liable to send even the most hardened academics into a dreary stupor. The more enticing discussions can also take their toll as the days wear on, debate often returning to ancient disputes. So what better way to break up the day and keep everyone fresh than with an outing to the cinema?

At the recent Communicating Reproduction conference we were all sent to see Helga (1967). Of course, this outing wasn’t frivolous but rather an opportunity for us to engage with the substance of the conference: the history of reproduction through communication including text, images, film and sound.


Singing for the Motherland, Singing Medicine’s Cure.

4 Jun, 11 | by Ayesha Ahmad

A recent evening attending a live Greek music ensemble revealed some important characteristics about human nature; and significances for medicinal practices about the interconnectedness of our human condition with the Land on which we are born, live, love, suffer, and die.

The words of the song bore no meaning until my friend kindly whispered its translation, and then, suddenly I could understand the deep, lonely sentiments conveyed by the singer’s gaze and harmonies.

The song spoke of the distress of having to migrate from Greece during the 1960’s, forging his adoration to the land from where he was borne with the endearing reference of “Mother-land”.

For so much of medical practice, the gaze is on the life as it is now. We often, carelessly, forget that the origins of where we once were endured the beginning of our story, and carved the paths within our bodies towards both our health and our illness.


Dr Ciraj A.M. writes about ‘An Unusual Annual Day’ in an Indian Medical School

16 May, 10 | by Deborah Kirklin

This write up will share the experiences of an educational intervention with a difference.  It narrates the story from a medical school located at the southern tip of the Indian peninsula. For the annual day celebrations of this school, the faculty used to host a cultural show as a mark of their love and reverence to the students. The cultural performances used to take different forms, ranging from songs, skits, dances and a lot more. On this year’s annual day, they decided to perform something unique. The movement was spearheaded by microbiologists who incidentally had many of their members involved in medical education research and cultural coordination committee.  A meeting was convened and the medium of theatre and dance was finalized to depict certain educational themes.  As usual, the process gained momentum just two days before the event. more…

Medicine, Literature, Art and Music: Royal Society of Medicine, London 1st April 2009.

18 Mar, 09 | by Deborah Kirklin

If you’re in the London region you might be interested in this symposium on medicine and the humanities. Focussing on literature, art and music it features some excellent speakers. In keeping with other RSM events, lively debate is sure to follow.

Venue: The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE

Speakers to include: Stephen Golding, Aileen Adams, Richard Hull and Anne Hargreaves.

Boston Medics Make Music in London: 21st -29th June 2008

16 Jun, 08 | by Deborah Kirklin

Please see below details of a musical tour of London with a medical humanities flavour. 

Details provided by Dr Lisa M. Wong, President and Violinist Longwood Symphony Orchestra. more…

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