Neurodegeneration in MS: A clue to diability?

Corticla tarophy has been proposed as an imprtant pathophysiological mechanisms in disability development in progressive forms of multiple sclerosis.  A number of studies utilsing sophistcated MRI tehcniques have yielded such evidence.  In this issue of JNNP and elegant study demonstrated the importance of neurodegeneration at a pathological level, “reflected by a global reduction of neuronal density, the presence of acutely injured axons, and the accumulation of oxidised phospholipids and DNA in neurons, oligodendrocytes and axons“.  As such preventing degenration is the key, although the real question must be how can we revearse the process.  Will antioxidants, antiexcitotoxic agents work??




  • Verity Rosewarne

    You need to watch this video. Amazing. Ground breaking treatment for Dystonia, Sydenham’s Chorea, TMD, epilepsy, migraine, other muscle/body movement disorders. Quite a simple treatment for majorly disabling conditions! Needs to shared with the world. It could give millions of people literally a new life. It will save millions of pounds on ineffective drug treatment. However, there may be the problem that drug companies will quash this treatment because it will cost them dearly. I hope not!!! To see the difference instantly in this woman’s quality of life is nothing more than astounding and I hope this is taken on board! -