Drunk Pedestrians

David Sleet alerted us to this news item from the Telegraph:

Romanian street sign warns drivers of ‘drunk pedestrians.’

The red caution signs show an inebriated person on his knees, clutching a bottle. The text apparent reads “Attention – Drunks.”

The signs were erected after a number of collisions between motorists and revelers.

Other than garnering some international notoriety for the town (hello, Pecica), I wonder what impact is expected? Policies regarding serving alcohol to inebriated patrons, increasing the price of alcohol and calming traffic through pedestrian zones might all be more effective – if less amusing.

  • Barry Pless

    … and, in addition to Brian's wise comments, much less likely to be removing the onus on the driver. This is not a good example of blaming the victim, but comes close enough to be troubling. Still, it is a bit funny.