Online Journal Club Session 2

Venous leg ulcers are present in patients in almost every area of health care.  Nurses require knowledge and skill in order to appropriately treat patients and their wounds.  A recent Cochrane review highlighted research related to the care of venous leg ulcers. This review is the topic of discussion between EBNAssociate Editor Dr. Dorothy Forbes and Dr. Carolina D Weller the author of the EBN commentary for the Cochrane review.  Dr. Weller summarizes that there are many compression systems available for patients with venous leg ulcers and nurses’ skill level of bandage application is variable.

The Cochrane review related to venous leg ulcers and the EBN commentary and podcast are the focus of the online journal club for this month.  Some points to ponder:

What are your thoughts about the quality of the studies used in the Cochrane Review?

What needs to be done to ensure that nurses have expertise in bandage application and good understanding of the pathophysiology and treatment of venous leg ulcers?

The commentary, article and podcast links are below:


Commentary: ebnurs-2012-101201 – Compression improves healing of venous leg ulcers compared to no compression, with differences between different compression systems

Original research article: O’Meara S, Cullum N, Nelson EA, Dumville JC. Compression for venous leg ulcers. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2012 Nov 14;11:CD000265

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  • dforbes

    Compliance with wearing compression bandages is an issue in the community as frail elderly often have difficulty applying them #ebnjc

    • rheale

      I agree that compliance is difficult with frail elderly. However, many patients are also resistant to wearing the bandages because they are uncomfortable. Education about the rationale for compression bandages along with the ‘how to’ as well as support for the patient, may be part of the solution.

    • nobleh

      I agree – how can this be resolved. Does anyone have any practical ideas?

  • Alison Twycross

    This is an interesting study with clear relevance to practice. Only eight randomised controlled trials included in the systematic review so clearly more research is needed in this area.

  • Alison Twycross

    Systematic reviews are a really useful way of identifying what we know about a subject and thus areas where further research is needed.

  • nobleh

    The findings from this review are interesting but based on very small number of studies – are we totally convinced that compression bandages work?