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We run a dedicated blog site that provides debate, analysis, and opinion on trusted evidence that matters for better healthcare. Our blogs take a critical approach to interpreting evidence that is directly related to patient care decisions and actions.


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Blogs are written by our editors, by invite and on occasion submitted to us. All are overseen by our blog editor team. As editors, we believe in being critical, thoughtful and analytical in our approach to producing content.


BMJ EBM Spotlight is a free resource, free to read and free to share under Creative Commons licensing.


We have twelve simple principles for creating great content. All our content keeps it simple, keeps it short and is written clearly.

These notes are for anyone considering posting a blog on BMJ EBM Spotlight, but especially for those with little or no previous experience of writing blogs.

Our team of writers cite the relevant evidence, including the most recent high-quality evidence, and discuss what difference the results of this evidence, if any, might make to patient care.


How to submit a blog

All the blogs we publish are reviewed and approved by one of our associate editors before being posted. Submit your post as a word doc to cebm@phc.ox.ac.uk.

Include your name, institution, thumbnail picture,  a short bio about yourself and a conflict of Interest statement.  


Of note, we cannot guarantee publication of submitted blogs.



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