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Harry Brown

Harry Brown: Online security and safety

19 Mar, 10 | by julietwalker

Harry BrownIt is amazing that in a relatively short period of time, many of us have come to rely so much, on the online world for some of our standard services. That could be buying books or groceries, banking and if you are a medic –education, learning and professional development. Of course we can still perform these tasks via the traditional “bricks and mortar” methods and establishments but slowly yet surely we are performing many tasks online which previously we performed offline. However both the virtual and real world need to provide some form of security to protect their users from fraud and malicious abuse of their property such as credit cards and other financial resources, as well as identity fraud. In addition to security, it is important to consider resilience, stability and safety when dealing with internet issues. more…

Harry Brown: Are medical paper texts dead?

28 Jan, 10 | by julietwalker

Harry Brown I don’t know about you but when I was a medical student I was brought up firmly on the side of paper. I went to lecture theatres and took notes on paper and referred to traditional medical textbooks and journals, usually having to physically go to a library and there was no computer in sight. I only graduated in the 1980s (well maybe that seems a long time ago to some!) and yet that scenario probably seems like an alien concept to many undergraduates and recent graduates now. Paper journals and medical textbooks are slowly being relegated to secondary use whilst their electronic equivalents are rapidly in the ascendancy. I personally rarely read the paper equivalent textbooks or journals now and tend to read on line offerings and I know that I am not alone. Our practice library is not commonly used now (replaced by on line visits by most staff) and cannot remember the last time I physically visited a medical library. Ten to fifteen years ago, I regularly visited our local postgraduate medical library – now I don’t go. Instead I regularly consult on line publications from the comfort of a computer at home or at work. more…

Harry Brown on electronic communications with patients

16 Nov, 09 | by BMJ Group

Harry Brown Patient and doctor interactions are one of the cornerstones of medical care and with the advent of modern technology, there is now more than one way for doctors and patients to communicate with each other. With the rise of the mobile phone, instant two way communication has become even easier. I have found that having a patient’s a mobile phone number a great resource when I need to contact them urgently when they have an abnormal test result. In addition, the general and widespread availability and use of e mail both within the healthcare setting and in society as whole, you would think patient and doctor e mail interaction is common. more…

Dr Harry’s Netlines: Crystal ball gazing

21 Sep, 09 | by BMJ

Harry Brown
It is always good fun to speculate what will be happening in medicine in years to come. There are so many areas to think about clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic breakthroughs; political and economic aspects, and technological innovations. It is the latter, I want to discuss and speculate about. more…

Harry Brown on planned changes to Connecting for Health

22 Jul, 09 | by BMJ Group

Harry Brown Medicine and leading edge technologies have always gone hand in hand over the years, and with the recent explosion of information technologies, medical practice has certainly been at the forefront. Over the recent past in the United Kingdom, there has been a dramatic shift in the way medical records have been created and stored. There is an undoubted move towards using electronic medical records as the gold standard of recording medical information and in primary care in this country, this is virtually the normal mode of practice. Most primary care units are either paper lite or paper free. more…

Dr Harry’s netlines: Is paper dead?

11 Jun, 09 | by julietwalker

Harry BrownI remember as a medical student, which was some time ago (over 25 years ago to be truthful), that if I wanted to find a journal citation as part of a literature search, then I had to search by hand, a collection of tomes called Index Medicus (ring a bell anyone?). It was published monthly and I checked recently, it ceased publication in 2004. It was replaced by CD and then on line products which if you think about it, is a natural progression in the evolution of technology within the publication industry. However progress moves on even more quickly, our practice library is rarely used now, despite being well stocked. It just can’t compete with some fantastic and often free on line medical knowledge bases. more…

Dr Harry’s netlines: Avoiding spam

15 Apr, 09 | by BMJ

Harry Brown The widespread use of e-mail is one of the greatest advances of the internet boom and many people, certainly in the developed world now have at least one e-mail address which they regularly use. In medicine, certainly between health professionals and increasingly between health professionals and their patients, e-mail is a key communication medium. more…

Dr Harry’s netlines

26 Feb, 09 | by BMJ Group

The well known web site YouTube has amassed a reputation for containing a huge repository of video footage covering virtually every subject imaginable (and more). So it may come as no surprise that there are serious and educational videos to be found here. One video comes from the UK and covers cardiovascular examination. more…

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