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Digital media

David Payne at Health 2:0 Europe 2015

20 May, 15 | by BMJ Group

logo_conferencia_bcn_okIs the Uber minicab model fit for healthcare? Why are doctors terrible digital adopters? And can the medical workforce benefit from using applications which promise virtual doctors on demand?

These questions and others were debated at day 1 of technology conference Health 2:0, an annual event which profiles “international innovation in patient-provider communication, consumer health, data analytics, and more.” more…

David Payne: How to be an academic social media star

10 Mar, 15 | by BMJ

deputy chair of MJA on stage (1)Melissa Terras is the most downloaded academic in her faculty at UCL, and attributes her success to social media.

Eight years ago Terras (pictured below), director of UCL’s Centre for Digital Humanities, was supervising a PhD student’s research into the history of blogging. She started her own blog in response to this, but it was the advent of Twitter and a return to work from maternity leave that convinced her of social media’s potential to raise her profile as an academic. more…

Readers’ editor: Authors “ignoring” readers

18 Jul, 13 | by BMJ Group

David Payne Joginder Anand, a longstanding reader of the BMJ, wants to know how we can encourage authors to respond. In a recent email he asks: “Should the BMJ not make it mandatory for the leading authors of all articles to respond to criticisms or requests for clarifications?

My question back to him is how? What would be the penalty?

Dr Anand suggests banning further publication in the journal.

Would that work? I don’t think so. Many of our authors are busy clinicians or researchers. Often they intend to respond, but finding the time to do so is a challenge. We are delighted when they do, but acknowledge it isn’t always feasible. more…

Readers’ editor: Free pens and memory sticks

23 May, 13 | by BMJ Group

David Payne I spent yesterday at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, talking to readers of the BMJ. The medical school library had organised an open day and a sales colleague had organised a BMJ stand, so I joined him to discuss our plans for the BMJ website with both qualified doctors and medical students. more…

Readers’ editor: Crazy eggs and the BMJ in a mobile world

30 Apr, 13 | by BMJ Group

David Payne Each year the BMJ runs an online reader survey. The survey is mainly multiple choice but there is also a free text question where we ask readers: “What single improvement to would make the most difference to you?” Every year the most popular response is “Make it free.” There are other recurring responses to the survey. In 2012 there were lots of requests for a simpler navigation and less clutter, a better search engine, and clearer access to article pdfs. more…

David Payne: How websites changed newspapers

17 Oct, 12 | by BMJ Group

David Payne The editor emailed me this to seek my views about how to make her weekly Editor’s Choice more relevant to the journal’s online readers. 

The article gets posted on every Wednesday and appears in print two days later (all BMJ articles appear online ahead of print). Editor’s Choice helps busy print readers navigate that week’s issue, pointing out articles that have caught her eye as editor. more…

David Payne: Changes to scholarly articles

21 Mar, 12 | by BMJ Group

David Payne Should the journal article change, and if so, how? In this multimedia age, the workforce is increasingly populated by people who grew up with the internet, scholarly publishers anticipate the demise of the traditional article and spend lots of time rethinking how best to present the information it contains. more…

David Payne: Holy Kaw! The Kawasaki ego has landed

19 Mar, 12 | by BMJ Group

David Payne I’m not surprised that Guy Kawasaki’s 10th book is called Enchantment: How to Woo, Influence, and Persuade. It takes some chutzpah to assume near–zero knowledge of social media at a scholarly publishing conference but Kawasaki, a former “software evangelist” (I kid you not!) for Apple, pulls it off with an idiot’s guide to curation, tweeting, and why Google+ will ultimately succeed. more…

David Payne: Playing the sepsis game

16 Mar, 12 | by BMJ Group

David PayneThere are 1.1m cases of sepsis each year in the US, costing $17bn to treat and accounting for 17% of hospital mortality.

Doctors at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California wanted to help their fellow physicians to recognise and treat it, but instead of producing a paper or video, devised a game. more…

Andrew Burd on acute email withdrawal

8 Jul, 10 | by BMJ Group

The departmental server went down in the period of time between leaving work on Friday evening and arriving home. In Hong Kong we are ahead of most of the world and so when our work hours are over, the west is just getting started. This is why the evening email check has become part of the daily routine. more…

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