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Credit crunch

Cam Donaldson on the 7th international conference on priority setting in health care

19 Nov, 08 | by BMJ Group

Cam Donaldson Ole Frithjof Norheim and Cam Donaldson (pictured) sum up lessons learned from the 7th International conference on priority setting in health care. more…

Julian Sheather on the architecture of happiness

3 Nov, 08 | by BMJ Group

I have recently been reading a report on ethical issues in public health from the Nuffield Foundation on Bioethics. It is a lovely document, subtle and interrogative, delightfully rich, as all good thought should be, in unanswered questions. more…

Cam Donaldson on managing the healthcare credit crunch

28 Oct, 08 | by BMJ Group

Cam Donaldson With NHS budget increases levelling off pre-credit crunch and now with the crunch itself, there has never been a more important time, in recent years at least, to be thinking about how to manage scarce healthcare resources for maximum gain to patients and the wider community. more…

Vidhya Alakeson on the credit crunch and US health insurance

27 Oct, 08 | by BMJ Group

Banks, insurance companies and home owners have already fallen victim to the US financial crisis. Now healthcare is under fire. Last week, the state of Hawaii announced that it was ending Keiki Care, the only universal health insurance program for children in the United States. In the face of a projected deficit of $900 million by 2011, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle was forced to cut the program just seven months after she had signed it into being. On the national stage, the presidential candidates have refused to explicitly shelve any one of their proposals for office, including health reform. But Hawaii’s decision augurs badly. more…

Helen Barratt is feeling the pinch

23 Oct, 08 | by BMJ

Helen BarrattLast week I found myself at a conference on multidisciplinary teamwork in the NHS, and one of the keynote speakers observed that the main benefit of the “credit crunch” is that bankers have overtaken healthcare professionals as the most hated profession in the country. The media is full of stories of doom, as the banking system lurches from one crisis to the next. However the comment got me thinking about the wider health impact of both the current financial situation, and the recession we seem to be entering.


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