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BMJ Group awards

The BMJ Today: The Super Bowl doctor, The BMJ Awards, and gluten free diets

4 Mar, 14 | by BMJ

Could you cope with dehydration, hypothermia, and the Madden rule? Jonathan Drezner, team physician for the Seattle Seahawks, talks about this year’s Super Bowl and what it takes to become a primary care sports physician. more…

Domhnall MacAuley: Unexpected afterthoughts on the BMJ Group Improving Health Awards

25 May, 12 | by BMJ

Domhnall MacauleyHumbled, unsettled, introspective. Mixed and strange emotions. Not the response you might have expected on such a wonderful evening. But, lets enjoy the evening first before the amateur psychology…..

The BMJ Improving Health Awards—a celebration of achievement. Lashings of goodwill and enthusiasm. Tension, excitement, and showbiz. Great people, a great event, and a little sprinkling of star dust. It was a privilege to attend such a gathering that recognised so many wonderful people and their huge contributions to society. The highlight of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement award where  Elizabeth Loder, our BMJ colleague in Boston, interviewed Bernard Lown (91), who was unable to make the  journey. Among his many marvellous achievements, he invented the defibrillator—one of the great milestones in technological innovation (my Belfast cardiology colleagues will, of course, be quick to point out that Frank Pantridge invented the portable defibrillator). But, for me, of the twelve awards, those shortlisted for the junior doctor award stood out. Alexander Finlayson took the award, but each of the nominated twenty somethings had made incredible contributions to healthcare in the developing world. It was also a privilege for Deb Cohen and I, champions of the sport and exercise medicine award, to welcome teams led by friends and colleagues who have dedicated their lives to the health of athletes in different arenas; Nick Peirce, Mike Turner, Nick Webborn, and the Leicester Kidney team who so effectively brought the lessons exercise training into mainstream medicine. It was a wonderful evening of orchestrated excellence and spontaneous fun. more…

Annabel Ferriman: Ann McPherson: the Peoples’ Practitioner?

11 May, 12 | by BMJ

What was Ann McPherson’s secret?  How did she manage to accomplish so much, but still remain a warm hearted person, who remembered birthdays, gave porridge to Jon Snow when he turned up for breakfast time meetings, and offered the keys of her house to friends needing somewhere to stay? more…

Andrew Jones: Transforming patient care using technology

24 Feb, 12 | by BMJ Group

A search on one fantastic piece of technology, the internet, suggests that technology can be defined as “…the application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives.” When I think about it, other than talking to our patients, most of what we do in medicine involves some use of technology. In fact, increasingly communicating with patients is even beginning to rely on it as well. As clinicians we have become highly skilled in the selection, development, and implementation of a variety of different technologies. These combine biomedical sciences with chemistry, physics, and engineering to create medicines, devices and systems which change the way in which we manage disease and treat patients. more…

Domhnall MacAuley: Are you a sports and exercise medicine award winner?

1 Feb, 12 | by BMJ Group

Domhnall Macauley Olympic medals may be presented to individuals—but no one achieves greatness alone. Behind every great sporting success is a team of coaches and support staff that includes doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, and a range of other experts. more…

Anita Jolly on the BMJ Group Awards clinical commissioning team of the year

23 Jan, 12 | by BMJ Group

Clinical commissioning team of the year: embracing change to deliver patient care

Should it become law later this year, the proposed Health and Social Care Bill will result in significant changes to the way the majority of healthcare services are commissioned in England.  Although controversial in nature the bill does represent an opportunity for general practitioners and other healthcare clinicians to shape the way healthcare is provided in their local area, using their unique insight into local healthcare needs to set future service priorities. more…

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