Mr Villas-Boas stands by his concussion call. “If the manager says it’s not concussion, it’s not concussion”? Mr Villas-Boas – It’s time to apologise for the sake of Hugo Lloris and players the world over.

I was really disappointed with what I saw in this report in The Guardian. To see the word ‘incompetent’ linked to the world experts on concussion including FIFA’s neurologist and sports medicine specialist Professor Jiri Dvorak. To the Concussion In Sport Group who has met 4 times over a decade to make concussion the most improved field of management in sports medicine. Mr Villas-Boas had a golden opportunity for good yet it looks like he is digging a bigger hole for himself.

Let’s keep the facts really clear before the ‘spin doctors’ take over.

1. Mr Villas-Boas alone made the decision for Hugo Lloris to stay on the field. Mr Villas-Boas said “He (Lloris) doesn’t remember it so he lost consciousness” (Sunday!). The call always belongs to me is a quote from Mr Villas-Boas. There was no reference to the medical team clearing the player. Mr Villas-Boas specifically made the point that this was ‘his call’. This cannot be undone – no matter how much spin follows now. Mr Villas-Boas claimed it was his responsibility. The critical point. IT’S NOT THE MANAGER’S CALL.

2. Medical teams use a ‘SCAT3’ test to diagnose concussion – Mr Villas-Boas did NOT administer this short test before taking responsibility to keep Hugo Lloris on the field.

3. The call always belongs to me” is a quote from Mr Villas-Boas. That is the thinking that needs to be changed.

4. Great people apologise when they are wrong. “The call belongs to THE DOCTOR is what Mr Villas-Boas needs to say. Mr Villas-Boas has a golden opportunity to prioritise Hugo Lloris’ health and to influence the health of footballers the world over.  That should be the priority.

5. Abraham Lincoln: “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

6. I’m not going to comment on Tottenham’s football operations. I’m not trained in football or football club operations. On that, I defer to experts such as Mr Villas-Boas. It’s the principle of ‘scope of practice’. Doctors, and other clinicians, are trained in concussion assessment and management. That’s why concussion management is their call. #Lawyer’sFieldDayWhenManagersMakeConcussion”MyCall”.

7. A reminder for Tottenham Risk Management Department. The NFL just settled a concussion suit for $765 million. Can you imagine the court case in 2025….

Lawyer: “Mr Lloris, you say you have persistent headaches and your career was cut short after the game at Goodison Park in 2013. Who made the call for you to keep playing in that game?”

Hugo Lloris: “Well that was Mr Villas-Boas”.

Lawyer: “I see, Mr Villas-Boas was a neurologist, a sports physician, someone well versed in concussion management?”.

Hugo Lloris: “Uhh…no, he was our manager, a very good manager.”

Lawyer: “No further questions your honor”.

I hope, for Hugo Lloris sake, that a poor process (Mr Villas-Boas making the call) leads to no harm. But this is a watershed issue for the future Hugo Lloris’ and every woman, man and child who plays football. It’s the health professional’s call.

Come out and share that with the world Mr Villas-Boas. Great men have made important apologies. Football has been good to you. It’s time fpr you to be good for football.


Here’s the link for folks who care about the health of players….


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  • Shaun James Elis Lyon

    Another writer who doesn’t know shit go write about something that someone will actually read!

  • Matt Searle


    Lukaku was knocked out in September of this year at west ham when he scored a goal. eventually he got up, was visibly shaken and even said he did not remember scoring the goal. He remained on the pitch and continued to play. There were no stories in the press about this and you lot certainly did not pipe up then. So why now??? Answer that question for me Karim! How is this story different and why do you chose to make a big deal out of it and not the previous Lukaku story?!!!

    In addition you can clearly see that hugo does not want to leave the pitch and the doctor cannot physically make him. Hugo was taken off the other side of the pitch to AVB which made it even harder for AVB to force him off. The point is that there should be a process in place whereby he is forced BY LAW not to stay on the pitch. A committed player will always want to stay on the pitch. Yes we should be looking after the players but there should be regulation, not discretion.

    Lazy and biased journalism by what I assume to be a writer with an anti-Tottenham agenda.

  • Matt Searle

    and of course he is going to take the blame for the decision. He is a great manager. A great manager will always take the flak. He did this also by saying the home support was rubbish. This was clearly a problem the players had expressed and he put his neck out there by asking us to support better. Don’t you go about ‘spin’ because that is exactly what you are doing. SPIN SPIN FUCKING SPIN.

  • Alicat

    This really is awful.

  • Alicat

    It the Premier league protocol that is to blame for this situation, not AVB or The Spurs medical team. Some people need to stop spinning things to suit their own agenda.

  • Alicat

    It the Premier league protocol that is to blame for this situation, not AVB or The Spurs medical team. Some people need to stop spinning things to suit their own agenda.

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