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Thoughts from the School Run

3 Apr, 15 | by Ian Wacogne

“Hello?  Is that the school?  Yes, hi, it’s Ian here.  I’m one of the dads.  Anyway, I just thought I’d tell you that I’ve sent the kids to school with peanut brittle today.  Yes, that’s right, peanut brittle.  Yes, that does contain nuts.  OK, thanks – bye!”

(Some minutes later a SWAT squad paid a visit to my house and my children’s classrooms, and removed the nut containing products in a container previously used for handling radioactive waste.)


More to do – Report from the Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum

10 Mar, 15 | by Bob Phillips

The UK Government set up an independent group to advise on strategies to improve the health outcomes of children and young people (from before birth to age 25 years) in January 2012. It’s role is to challenge the outcomes seen in England and offer advice on what strategies should concentrate on to improve.

A new report has been published today [PDF link] (10 March 2015) which sets out how far the system has come: and while it sees some improvements in child health, it also finds lots of room for improvement. The report looks at things we’ve covered here before: engaging young people and listening to them, developing a financial incentive structure that doesn’t disadvantage children, intelligently develop and measure health outcomes, sharing data and integrating services, caring for mental health as much as physical health and making sure the workforce can deliver on the job.

It’s a Government document. It’s not David Walliums. But if you read our blog on medical management – and why engaging in this matters – then take a half hour, cup of tea, three (yes, three – you can tell your Mum I said it was OK) bourbon biscuits and have a read of the overview. You might even get so inspired you want to read the detailed reports, or seek to be involved in making things better yourself : tweet your thoughts with #cypoutcomesreport2015

– Bob Phillips

(Declaration of interests: I have three children whose outcomes I wish to be good, work in the NHS in England and am a member of the CYPHOF group.)


Urban Road Speeds – any of our business?

10 Nov, 14 | by Ian Wacogne

There’s a growing movement in the UK – and around the world – to reduce urban speed limits. New York City recently reduced their limit to 25 mph, to quite a lot of chatter. Some UK cities are considering extending small 20 mph pilots to cover larger areas.  Is it something we should be supporting? more…

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