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ADC Precis has now ended

11 Feb, 10 | by BMJ

Please note that there will be no more posts published on the ADC Precis blog.

Outcome a year after diagnosis of type II diabetes

19 Nov, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a UK cohort of 73 children diagnosed with type II diabetes assessed at one year after diagnosis, there had been little change in the BMI SDS and variabiltiy in the management plan.  Here.

Specific Expressive Language Delay

10 Sep, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a randomised controlled trial of children with language delay at 2 years comparing a parental led intervention with watchful waiting for one year, the intervention group had a significant improvement after one year.  Here.

Hello, back again

29 Jul, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Well, I hope you’ve not wiped precis from your feed in the while I’ve been away.  Apologies for absence; I’m back now and I’ll start catching up with what I’ve missed; I’ll do a little bit at a time over the next week or two.

Feedback please

25 Jan, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Hello.  I promise I’ll do this only once, although I’m going to try to leave a permanent link from one of the pages on the right of the screen to here. 

I’d just like some feedback please


Welcome to ADC Précis

10 Jul, 07 | by BMJ

ADC Précis provides a brief digest of the ADC content. Of course it is no substitute for reading the full article yourself, but we hope that it will provide you with a flavour of the journal contents, and alert you to articles to suit your interest.

You can also sign up to receive ADC Précis via ADC related announcements to arrive in your inbox as the new issues of the journal are released online. You do not need to subscribe to ADC to benefit from this service.

I write the blog by keeping an eye on the online first section of the ADC website. Currently I don’t blog about Archimedes papers – there is a much better place for that. Also, I don’t tend to blog about reviews, as, well, what is there to abbreviate?

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