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Mental Health

Mental health and long term illness

28 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In Vietnamese series of 975 children, those with long term physical illnesses had a 2.1 fold increased risk of mental health problems.  Here. 

ADHD websites

28 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Using a bespoke tool to assess 48 websites looking at ADHD, quality of information was very variable and basic , especially regarding medication.  Here.

Chronic fatigue

20 Jan, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Of 178 children presenting to a tertiary chronic fatigue service in Bath, 32 were under twelve years old, with a disability pattern in this younger group the same as seen in the older group.  Here.

Chronic fatigue

27 Nov, 07 | by Ian Wacogne

Leading article: Crawley and Davey-Smith review the evidence for the heritability of chronic fatigue.  Here.

Sleep and behaviour

22 Oct, 07 | by Ian Wacogne

Perspective:  Murray and Ramchandani look at the effects of behavioural interventions on infant sleep after 6 months.  Here.

Infant Sleep

22 Oct, 07 | by Ian Wacogne

In 328 mothers reporting infant sleep problems at seven months old, those randomised to a behavioural intervention had improved both infant sleep and maternal mental health at 10 and 12 months.   Here.

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