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Infectious Disease


30 May, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a cohort of 89 Malawian children with malnutrition 84 (96%) had echocardiographically measurable pericardial effusion on admission, of which only 16 had TB, which was previously thought to be an underlying cause for the effusion. 


Varicella immunisation

6 May, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In Uruguay, universal varicella immunisation at 12 months with 90% uptake has resulted in an 81% reduction in hospital admissions for varicella complications. Here.

Community acquired pneumonia

7 Apr, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

A case-controlled follow up study of 103 children admitted to hospital radiologically confirmed community acquired pneumonia revealed, at an average of 5.3 years after the pneumonia, an increased risk of persistent symptoms and lung function deficits.   Here.

Acute Otitis Media in Infants

28 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

This paper looks at the clinical features of 277 infants under two months admitted to hospital who had a diagnosis of acute otitis media, concluding that 70% had little or no other evidence of bacterial infection.  Here.

Strep Pharyngitis

28 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a series of 353 New Zealand schoolchildren with group A β-hemolytic streptococcus pharyngitis, a regime of once daily amoxycillin was of equivalent efficacy to a twice daily regime of penicillin in treatment failure and other complications.  Here.

Tuberculin skin test

3 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Perspective: Shingadia and Novelli look at the 100 year history of the tuberculin skin test and note that it is not yet obsolete if used with clinical acumen. Here.

Influenza and Pneumococcal infection

3 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a population study of children under 16 in Germany there was no evidence found to support a link between influenza infection and invasive pneumococcal infection.  Here.

Tuberculosis screening

3 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Of 103 children seen for TB contact tracing screening, application of the recent UK NICE guideline, which includes gamma IFN testing, 23 would have had a different treatment to that determined by previous screening methods. Here.

Voriconazole plasma levels

5 Feb, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a case series of 5 children receiving voriconazole, highly variable plasma levels were observed with recommended dosing regimes, implying that plasma monitoring may be necessary in children.  Here.

MMR and autism

5 Feb, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a case control study of 98 children with autism spectrum disorder, 52 with developmental problems but no autism and 90 with normal development, no relationship was found with measles antibody levels and autistic symptoms. Here.

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