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Secretory Otitis Media

17 Sep, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a randomised trial comparing two different bacterial nasal spray infusions with placebo in 60 children who had longstanding secretory otitis media, 7 of 19 given Streptococcus sanguinis had clinical improvement.  Here.


Growth and adenotonsillectomy

9 Sep, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

A systematic review and meta analysis of 20 papers looking into growth and growth markers following adenotonsillectomy found that there are increases in both.  Here.

Otitis media with effusion

4 Apr, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

Perspective:  Williamson and Little review the evidence for grommets.  Here.

Acute Otitis Media in Infants

28 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

This paper looks at the clinical features of 277 infants under two months admitted to hospital who had a diagnosis of acute otitis media, concluding that 70% had little or no other evidence of bacterial infection.  Here.

Strep Pharyngitis

28 Mar, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a series of 353 New Zealand schoolchildren with group A β-hemolytic streptococcus pharyngitis, a regime of once daily amoxycillin was of equivalent efficacy to a twice daily regime of penicillin in treatment failure and other complications.  Here.

Pain in otitis media

3 Jan, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a double blind RCT of 63 children with otitis media, half were given lignocaine drops to the affected ear; this group had significantly less pain at 10 minutes, but only a non-significant trend for less pain at 20 and 30 minutes. Here.

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