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Home Oxygen for Bronchiolitis

19 Nov, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

In a pilot randomised controlled trial, half of 44 children were given home oxygen to treat hypoxia in bronchiolitis, resulting in signifcantly shorter hospital stays.  Here. 

Seems a bit mad at first.  But there is method in their madness.  After all, who in acute paediatrics in the Northern hemisphere is not spending a large proportion of their ward rounds at this time of year watching children with bronchiolitis slowly come off oxygen?  I think there would be some challenges in adapting this locally; I suspect the level of deprivation in Perth, Australia, is slightly different to my own urban inner city practice.  And I don’t know enough about the health and safety regulations (anyone an expert in HOOF?) to be able to say whether you’d even be allowed to do it in the UK.  But it is a nice example of the fact that quite often you don’t need quite as much of the hospital as you might have thought. 

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