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27 May, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

I’ve been working on commissioning a new series for ADC E&P, the idea of which is to help paediatricians better understand the tests that they are using. It will explain the background to the test, their strengths and, perhaps more importantly, their weaknesses. It will pin down what the test can and cannot answer. The idea is to give the competent paediatrician the confidence to request or use the test when it can make a difference, and also to avoid using it when it can’t answer the question being asked. The articles will be written to a strict brief, so that once you’ve got used to the structure it should be easy for you to rapidly find what you need.  You can see the instructions to authors here.

I’d be happy have suggestions for future articles; you can leave them as a comment here.

Put it this way: if you’ve ever sat and thought: “Now, why did they go and do that test on this patient? It doesn’t help at all” then there could be an “Interpretation” article in it.

The sorts of tests I’m working on commissions for are as follows:

  • The Connors test for ADHD – probably the first to be published, either August or October
  • Hepatitis B and C testing in the newborn
  • ANA/dsDNA testing in diagnosis of rheumatological disesae
  • pH Studies
  • ASOT testing
  • Coeliac testing
  • RAST testing
  • Gastric washings for TB
  • Dexa scanning
  • IGF1/BP3 testing for growth hormone problems
  • Faecal elastase for diagnosis of cystic fibrosis
  • Lactate testing; both lab and blood gas machine testing
  • Acyl Carnitines in the diagnosis of metabolic disease
  • Transcutaneous bilirubin monitors
  • And many more…
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