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January 2008 Issue

3 Jan, 08 | by Ian Wacogne

This post collects together the precis of the major articles – perspectives, leading articles and original articles – in the January 2008 issue.



Marder reflects on the inequalities of provision of support for children with disabilities. Here.

Special needs services

Graham argues that the provision of special services for children with special health care needs should be used to augment their home care. Here.

Complaints in Child Protection

Haines and Turton review the results of a recent survey into complaints made against paediatricians in the context of child protection activities. Here.

Leading Articles

Screening for Cystic Fibrosis

Balfour Lynn looks at the evidence for, and benefits of, screening at birth for cystic fibrosis. Here.


Hall and Williams discuss safeguarding as a broader concept than simply child protection. Here.

Original articles

Down Syndrome

Of 138 families of children with Down Syndrome at age 2, only 80% were in receipt of UK social service support which should be available to all such children. Here.

Special needs services

A service developed to meet the acute healthcare needs of children with complex healthcare needs – including technology-dependent conditions – resulted in high parental satisfaction and enhanced ability of parents to manage their children’s problems in the community. Here.

Developmental assessment in rural Africa

In creating a locally-appropriate tool for developmental assessment in Malawi it was found that the gross motor assessments were generalisable, but the social aspects were much more culture specific. Here.

Klinefelter Syndrome

In a series of 24 boys with Klinefelter syndrome who were measured with DEXA had unfavourable muscle to fat ratio, which may be a precursor of the later life poor metabolic profile. Here.


In interviews with parents of 17 children being treated for obesity, psychosocial difficulties like poor self esteem were the main driver leading families to engage with treatment, and interference by family members in attempts to change lifestyle were a major difficulty for families . Here.

Pain in otitis media

In a double blind RCT of 63 children with otitis media, half were given lignocaine drops to the affected ear; this group had significantly less pain at 10 minutes, but only a non-significant trend for less pain at 20 and 30 minutes. Here.

CPAP in Bronchiolitis

In a trial of 29 children with bronchiolitis and hypercapnia, randomised to CPAP versus standard treatment with crossover at 12 hours, those getting CPAP had an average 1 kPa fall in CO2, and those who got CPAP first had a larger CO2 fall than those who got it second. Here.

Prognostic factors in liver failure

In a retrospective chart review of 210 Argentinian children with liver failure, the King’s College criteria were sensitive and specific in predicting outcome. Here.

Rotavirus immunisation

An economic analysis of rotavirus infection in Hong Kong concludes that if the cost of the immunisation were between US$40 and 92, then it would be cost effective. Here.

Short Reports

HIV in infancy

A retrospective case notes review of 25 infants in London with vertically acquired HIV revealed that 5 of the mothers had been tested as HIV negative in pregnancy, implying seroconversion in pregnancy as an important route of infection. Here.

Emergency Care

In a tertiary care paediatric emergency department in Western Australia, an increased numbers of consultants occurred over the same period as an improvement in a number of parameters including complaints, waiting time and admission rates. Here.

Case Report

Job Syndrome

A child presenting with unexplained fractures and skin lesions was subsequently demonstrated to have Job Syndrome. Here.

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